Patient Information

  • What to bring to your appointment?

    For your clinic appointment, please make sure to bring:

    • A valid Medicare card
    • A valid, up-to-date GP referral letter (from within 12 months of your appointment)
    • An updated list of your medications
    • Relevant scans, previous gastroscopy or colonoscopy reports and recent blood test results
    • Though not essential, feel free to bring a support person, family member or friend along to the appointment
  • Can I book my appointment online?

    If you provide your contact details in this form, you can book your own appointments online using our Patient Portal.
    Alternatively, please call us on (02) 9030 4660.

  • Where is the clinic?

    Inner West Gastroenterology is based within Chris O’Brien Lifehouse ( 119-143 Missenden road, Camperdown NSW ) and the entry at the corner of Missenden Road and Salisbury Road. We are located on Level 2, please present to reception when you arrive for further instructions.

    For details on how to get to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, please click here.

  • How much will my appointment or procedure cost?

    Inner West Gastroenterology is “no-gap” private practice. If you are covered for endoscopic procedures by private health insurance, then any procedure you have will be completely covered by your health insurance.


    • Initial appointments cost: $325
    • Follow up appointments cost: $165


How do I prepare for my procedure?


You will need to fast (no food or liquids) for 6 hours prior to your procedure. This means you shouldn’t eat or drink anything from when you wake up until after the procedure, if you are having a morning procedure. If you are having an afternoon procedure, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything after 6am on the day of your procedure.


There is a special diet that you will be required to take for 1 day prior to your colonoscopy. You will also be required to purchase and take bowel preparation medication in the 24 hours leading up to your procedure. You will need to fast (no food or liquids) for 6 hours prior to your procedure. Please refer to your bowel preparation instruction handout that will be provided to you at the time of your initial consultation.

Colonoscopy preparation sheets:

Please confirm which bowel preparation you are required to take.